*Following the call with intuitive guide and SoulUnity founder Nina Endrst Part 1

Join me in this fun and honest conversation with Nina Endrst. Nina takes us on a journey through childhood, college, 8 years of work in the fashion industry in NYC and a turn which found her on the shores of Tulum! This is an amazing story which led her to settle in Hudson, New York with her husband (whom she met in Tulum) and 2 1/2 year old son. There, she has founded a community called “Soul Unity” and has created one of a kind one on one sessions using Tarot, Reiki, intuitive channeling and more. Don’t miss this episode and make sure to subscribe. Part 2 coming next week!

Ninas Website: https://ninaendrsthealth.com/

Ninas Instagram: @thesoulunity


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