What is your human design? With Human design and leadership coach Erin Claire Jones

On this episode, I talk to Erin Claire Jones a leading Human design and leadership coach. Haven’t heard of human design? It is a fascinating look into the very makeup of who you are. It uses Astrology, Chakras, genetics, Quantum Physics and more to reveal the makeup of, YOU! Erin tells us about how she came to this work, how she was introduced to human design and breaks down each of the 5 types of humans. She even tells me what I am and how you can find out what you are. An incredible look into human design. 

From Erin Claire Jones:

Here’s the link to get their Blueprint, a personalized guide to their unique design: erinclairejones.com/blueprint

The code ERIKA will get them 10% off their Blueprint.

Here’s a link to look up their design: erinclairejones.com/lookup

Here’s a link to book an individual session: erinclairejones.com/individual

Here’s my website: erinclairejones.com

Here’s my instagram: instagram.com/erinclairejones

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