The Way

Can't find your way to your purpose? Feeling anxious and stuck? Struggling with fear of the future? Don't know the way to the life you want? THE WAY will help you find YOUR way. With three sacred spiritual lessons followed by concrete tools, THE WAY will show you how to remove the blocks from your path. While THE WAY is for beginner or advanced Spiritual seekers alike, only people who are truly ready to self reflect and change their lives should participate.

THE WAY has been 100% channeled from Spirit and will guide you forward and onward as you decide where you want to go and how to get there. Join me in this sacred course that's is unlike anything else available today. xo Spiritual Medium Erika
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Spirit Guide Intensive Workshop

Don't know how to connect with your Spirit Guide? Don't even really know what a Spirit Guide is or if you have one? 

This previously recorded workshop will fast-track your understanding and powerful connection to your Spirit Guide. You will delve into what Spirit Guides are and how they can be a huge support in your life. You will learn about Erika's personal journey in meeting her Spirit Guides, engage in sacred "meet your guides" visualizations, and do writing exercises to enhance your own communication with your Spirit Guides. This is a unique two-hour workshop that has been previously recorded and that you will own once you purchase.

Are you ready to work with your guides?

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Do you have trouble focusing when you’re meditating? Have you tried to meditate over and over again but your mind is just racing? Do you feel nervous to even try mediating? Well, you’re not alone. I have downloaded from Spirit six specific visualizations (not meditations) to help you calm your mind, focus and activate certain elements of your spirituality.

You can use these powerful visualizations over and over again to add to your spiritual practice. For beginners and experienced alike

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