About Erika


Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel is a spiritual teacher, wayfinder, and Spiritual Medium. Erika’s lifelong journey has led her to delivering powerful messages from the Spirit world.

Because Erika believes that EVERYONE can work with Spirit, not just her, she just released a 5-week course, “Unlock Your Intuition and Meet Your Spirit Guide”.

Tune into Erika‘s popular podcast “You are Not Alone” as she delves into, along with guests, all aspects of spiritual connection.

Since professionally starting as a Spiritual Medium over 14 years ago, Erika has been featured in publications all over the world like the New York Times, Goop, Forbes, InStyle and many more. She has read for thousands of people coming from different countries, religions, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Her favorite quote is:
“Be Yourself, everyone else is taken”
-Oscar Wilde