The Questions I Have Been Most Frequently Asked Over the Years…

“Can you guarantee my loved one who has passed will have a message for me during our reading?”

Have faith that you will have a reading filled with messages! I do not know ahead of time if the loved one you are hoping to hear from will stop in with a message. Often someone you are hoping to hear from does join us but it is not something I can guarantee.

“Can you guarantee psychic predictions and tell me my future?”

Your Guides will deliver information that will best serve you at the time of your reading. If there are future predictions in your session, it is because your guides feel it necessary to aid you in that way. I simply pass on information from your Divine Spirit Team.

“Are the messages I receive set in stone?”

I believe we are in charge of our own paths. While I do believe that there are certain life events that are pre-planned or part of our destiny, ultimately, we are in charge of the direction of our lives. If you hear something in your reading that you do not like, change it! You Guides may have told you about it so that you WOULD alter or change it. Your Guides will always tell you the things that will be of the greatest service and assistance to you at the time of your reading.

“Will I receive a “bad” message?”

We are working with high vibration light beings. They say things in a positive way to help you, not to scare you. I will tell you all and everything I hear. I have a very matter of fact and straight forward approach.

“Can I talk to my own Guides?”

YES!! You don’t need me. Our Guides are there for us whenever we want to connect with them. However, receiving a reading is a wonderful way for some clarification and guidance. I work with a medium myself. It is great to have help in this way.

“Do I definitely have Guides?”

Yes. I have yet to meet someone who did not have a Guide. Know that Guides are like friends. The more we connect and communicate with them the closer we become.

“Can I share the information from my reading with others?”

Yes! Once your reading is over it is yours. Share the messages you have heard with whomever you like. Know that on my end they are strictly 100% CONFIDENTIAL.

“Can I get a reading every month?”

In general I would say wait a while to get your next reading as the information tends to grow and expand over time. If there is a big change or large issue that you would like to work with your Guides on, you can schedule a small series of readings.

“Can I take notes?”

Yes. Taking notes is a great way to come back to the reading and revisit the messages from your Divine Spirit Team. If you find that you are not listening during the session because you are focused on taking notes I would say just write down a word or a sentence here and there to remind yourself of the message later.

“Can I give a reading as a gift?”

I do not recommend giving a reading as a gift. Getting a reading is something that you have to feel called for and ready to do. Inspiring someone to get a reading with a gift is a beautiful gesture, but one they may not be ready for. If your family member or friend is already booking a reading and you would like to pay for them, I can arrange this for you.


If you have more questions please email me at info@erikagabriel.com, it is my pleasure to answer them for you.