Phone Readings

Having a Phone Reading with Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel is a special time for you to connect with your own beautiful Divine Spirit Team on the other side.

The messages that come through over the phone are the same as the messages you would hear sitting in front of Erika. She is able to connect with you and Spirit via the phone and has read for people all over the world.

You will hear messages from your Spirit Guides and possibly from your Angels, Master Teachers, Higher Self, Spirit Animals or even Loved Ones and Ancestors who have passed on and have a specific message to share with you.

Readings are here to assist you on your journey through this life! They can provide answers to questions that you have and help bring focus to areas that are unclear. Spirit will bring forward the information that will be of greatest service to you at the time of your reading.

Erika invites you to call with an open heart and an understanding that you were led here for a reason. Breath, have faith and believe that that reason will be revealed.

Erika does not guarantee that a loved one who has passed will come through. She guarantees that she will tune in and listen for you with her whole heart and tell you of any and all information that is revealed to her. She is a very straight forward and energetic reader.

Readings are 100% confidential.

Unfortunately Erika can not record your Reading and is unable to read for you if you have her on speaker phone, call from FaceTime or Skype or you are calling using an ear piece or head set to talk. Please put the phone directly to your ear.

You are welcome to take notes during your Phone Reading

Readings are approx. 40 minutes long and are $180