Group Readings

A Group Reading Event is a completely unique and special experience with Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel. It is an event that you host in your home or place of business.

Erika briefly talks about becoming and being a Spiritual Medium, leads the group in a short grounding meditation and then starts to connect with Spirit!

She delivers messages to whomever she is called to. The messages can be about specifics in your life, ways to move forward and can also be specific messages from your loved ones who have gone over to the other side.

Depending on your group size, she also answers at least one specific question for each person.

Group Reading Events are fun, uplifting, Spiritual, healing and can be life changing!

If you are interested in hosting a Group Reading Event, please fill out the Group Reading Event request form below.


If you are interested in Hosting a Group Reading Event and getting more information, please fill out this Group Reading Event request form and Erika will reply within 48 hours with possible dates, times and pricing.

***Please note: when you are deciding on days and times for your event, Erika can not read for anyone that has been drinking alcohol. If you are hosting your Event in the evening, you will have to wait to serve alcohol until the Event is over.
***All Group Reading Events are pre-paid once your Event is booked.